About Me


  • My name is Yimei Xiang (向伊梅), pronounced as [i: mɛɪ, ɕiɑŋ].
  • I’m an Assistant Professor at Rutgers Linguistics, specialized in formal semantics, syntax-semantics interface, and Chinese & East Asian linguistics. I study how meanings are drawn from complex structures, and how the underlying logical system is represented in human languages.
  • I completed Ph.D. in Linguistics at Harvard Univ. in 2016 and B.A. in Chinese at Peking Univ. in 2010.
  • My current research program focuses on the following topics:
    • questions with complex structures and questions in embeddings;
    • higher-order readings of questions;
    • polarity items and free choice items;
    • multi-functional words in East Asian languages.
  • CV (updated to Sep 13, 2019)


  • Teaching
    • Courses in Fall 2019: Semantics I (graduate), Semantics (undergrad)
  • Presentations
    • “A variable-free approach to composing questions with functional dependency.”
      Invited talk. Workshop “Multiple wh- constructions and their kin”. University of Nantes. November 25-26, 2019
    • Title TBD.
      Invited colloquium. MIT. April 10, 2020.

Recent & Ongoing